“I can rank the things that have made my heart the happiest to see (my child) experiencing over the months and years with you:
Most wonderful:
(#1) sense of belonging, friendships
These are next (but probably create the #1 stuff):
(#2) socializing (learning about social expectations and cues), learning to communicate in a group,self confidence and independence
These I put together in importance (i.e., what makes me happiest to think of him doing with you)
(#3) outside play, wilderness experience, community experience, art projects, creative storytelling, imaginative play,exposure to many experiences (museum visits, etc),”jumping josie” and wrestling and other appropriate wild play
These are some of the things that he learns from/reinforces with you that make our home life easier. Also I think they are part of what has made him so comfortable in your care. In reality these should probably come before the #3 list since many of the #3 things would not be possible without these.
(#4) structure, predictable schedule, learning group safety in public, great variety of toys and options.”
-Parent of 3 year old with 2 years in program

“I love everything you guys do there in Adventureland, and am confident that any changes you make will be equally awesome.  Of the things you listed, we especially value (sorry, I couldn’t pick just five, but I tried to put these in some sort of order):
sense of belonging, socializing (learning about social expectations and cues), community experience, imaginative play, “jumping josie” and wrestling and other appropriate wild play, independent problem solving, predictable schedule, wilderness experience, exposure to many experiences (museum visits, etc). “
– Parent of 3 year old with 1 year in program

“We love your schedule! We particularly value your social guidance, the way you help the children resolve their differences and find solutions while allowing them to feel that they have solved their own problems, the way they are encouraged to check in and consider the other person’s feelings, etc.
I think what I love most about Adventure team are:
– independent problem solving
– outside play
– imaginative play
– learning to communicate in a group
– access to a wide variety of materials (toys, play dough, paint, writing implements, sand, mud, sticks! etc…) and freedom to choose how to use them, within reason of course!
– friendships (and related skills such as working together to find solutions to the inevitable conflicts that occur between small people as they explore their world and learn that other people exist and have feelings!)”
– Parent of 3 year old with 10 months in program